Hydrotechnik overview of Multi-System5060

ShangHai ZhongYe Measurement & Control Technology Co.,Ltd. is hydrotechnik's agent in china.
The hydrotechnik's products:

  • Hydrotechnik Instruments:Multi-Handy2020/3010/3050/3060;Multi-System 5060/8050;SEG 1060;Multi-EPC .
  • Hydrotechnik Sensors:Pressure sensors PR 15/HT-PD;volume flow sensor GFM/RE4/RE6;Temperature /speed sensor .
  • Hydrotechnik Minimess and hose:Minimess 1215/1604/1615/1620 .
The zhongYe's products:
  • Hydraulic Pumping station ,hydraulic system,hydraulic test-bench and automation Measurement & Control System: They are used in power generation,metallurgy,petrochemical,automotive,Construction Machinery,Etc.We are engaged in these industries for many years .We have a lot of experience .Thank you for using products of hydrotechnik and ZhongYe.

Hydrotechnik Products

Multi-System 8050 Multi-System 5060 Gear volume flow
sensor GFM
Turbine volume flow
sensor RE4/RE6
Minimess 1620 Pressure sensor
Pressure sensor
Panel mounted
instrument SEG1060

Hydrotechnik Minimess1215/1604/1615/1620 Applications

The company philosophy “Test with confidence” has a long tradition at Hydrotechnik. In 1964, the MINIMESS- ball sealing threaded test point and plug-in coupling was invented and proved to be a major advance for pressure measurement on hydraulic systems. The hydrotechnik benefits of this innovative development were vast because up till then, pressure measurements had been mainly carried out with help of fixed mounted pressure gauges and with enormous expenditure. Now, with Hydrotechnik, the use of pressure sensors and pressure gauges could now be carried out quickly, safely and without any interruptions to plant. This is why we say “Test with confidence”.

HHydrotechnik Pressure sensor HT-PD Applications

Hydrotechnik Industrial sensor for the mobile and stationary use.

  • Measuring principle: piezo-resistive (polykristalline silicon strain gauge on a stainless steel diaphragm)
  • Accuracy: ±0,25 % of fi nal value .
  • Readiness for operation: > 10 s
  • Noise performance: < ±0,2 % of fi nal value
  • Response time: 1 ms
  • Long-term stability: ±0,1 % of fi nal value per year
  • Over-pressure: 1,5 times nominal pressure
  • Burst pressure: 3 times nominal pressure
  • hydrotechnik HT-PD Signal output: 0 to 20 mA
  • Staggered measuring ranges:-1 to 600 bar (-0,1 to 60 MPa)
  • Working temperature range: -40 °C to +100 °C
  • Medium temperature: -40 °C to +130 °C
Hydrotechnik Multi-Handy 2020/3010/3050/3060 and Multi-System 5060/8050 Applications
  • hydrotechnik Multi-Handy: The Multi-Handy range of products is designed for uncomplicated on-site use. Exact recording and reliable storage of measurements, together with user-friendly evaluation and transmission of the data are the important features of these easy-to-use hydrotechnikmeasuring instruments.
  • hydrotechnik Multi-System: The Multi-System range of products perform many more tasks than conventional measurement instruments. Their fl exible system-capability allows for the programming of complex measurement tasks and test procedures, including internal or external trigger control – this adds to their ability to process the data of a CAN bus. All Multi-System instruments also offer all the measurement functions and qualities now required by Measurement Technichians.
Hydrotechnik Multi-Handy 2020/3010/3050/3060 and Multi-System 5060/8050 Applications
  • Hydrotechnik offers flow rate sensors based on two different principles:

    • Gear flow meters, using the principle of positive displacement
    • Hydrotechnik turbines using the flow principle The 2 systems have advantages and disadvantages within different applications.


Hydrotechnik's Multi-Handy3050 related products